One of my most revered fellow human beings still with us is Bud Grant. Bud came of age after alcohol prohibition and before cannabis prohibition. He survived polio. He grew up in a time when many kids knew how to use guns. Many kids brought knives to school. People would get in fist fights and they would live to fight another day. There was no social safety net. Bud would make money by delivering papers in Wisconsin. During his time delivering papers as a teenager he delivered to sex workers along his route. He respected them and they respected him.

People are so far removed from this time. I say if you know any senior citizens you should consider spending as much time with them as you can. I think we can learn a lot from people that survived the great depression. I miss my grandmother Sofia very much. I was lucky that she was able to live over a century. She knew what it was like to live through true Italian fascism and she really helped me to appreciate the freedoms that I do have today.

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