A Pledge To Serve Des Moines With Integrity

I have been attending or viewing city council meetings consecutively for months now and I have heard many people make return visits to the council stating that promises made to them were not kept. I can make a commitment that I will hold the other members of city council accountable anytime that they make a promise that they do not or cannot keep.

I viewed other instances where our hard earned tax money was thrown around without critical thought as to if additional spending was the best solution to the problem. Yet others where the council pandered to one crowd with a vote, only to turn around and vote differently on the same matter in front of a different crowd. These occurrences of attempting to please people without following through, or without thoughts on how we can save the city money and provide tax relief, are unacceptable.

At my website I provide numerous examples of how other cities have saved money while improving services for their citizens. If government is to retain the confidence of the people, it must not spend more than can be justified on grounds of need and it must spend with maximum efficiency. We must provide tax honesty and transparency and make good on tax relief promises to achieve a more prosperous, modern, expanding city economy which can bring a budget surplus to provide back to our citizens. We can't solve all of the worlds problems at the city level but we can be honest and serve Des Moines with integrity.

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