Campaigning in the Rain

I was out campaigning riding the storm out. We have so many awesome businesses in Des Moines. Just today I spoke to John Crivaro at Crivaro Insurance, always a pleasure to see ya John, to the fine folks at Lucky Gal Tattoo and Piercing, I hear they are building a new Arcade in Des Moines, sounds amazing, Kung Fu Tap & Taco, where we will be having our celebration if you help me win or get to a run off by the way

;), Heartland Flags where I got my dad a most excellent bday present, happy birthday pops!, Angry Goldfish Pub and Eatery, and Skeffington's Formal Wear, just to name a few. Guess what? I didn't have one individual tell me that a campaigning city council member had stopped by. I was happy to hear questions and concerns and I will be doing so as much as is possible between now and the election.

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