Edible Landscaping Can Ensure That No One Goes Hungry In Des Moines

City councils around the country have been unanimously approving plans for edible landscapes. Des Moines could very much benefit from some well thought out urban gardens. We should make sure that our residents are encouraged to plant trees, food, and pollinator friendly habitat on their properties. We should make sure that regulations against growing food or gardens in the city are not ill-conceived or outdated. Through coordinated planting we can help work with our planet and our pollinators for a better future. We should consider bat boxes as a more affordable and more ethical way to address mosquitos and to keep bats out of people’s homes.

These concepts are built around the ideas of permaculture and regenerative agriculture. A food forest is a core permaculture design derived from wild food ecosystems, where land often becomes forest if left to its own devices. In a food forest, everything from the tree canopy to the roots is edible or useful in some way. I have spoken with multiple Des Moines residents that have grown over 8,000 lbs. of organic food on less than an acre of land each. Forests of food on city land, for the people, by the people. We can work together to give our citizens access to quality, healthy, fresh and local food. What could be more Midwest American than that?

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