Infrastructure and Pothole Response

Des Moines Public works says that there were a record number of potholes this past winter. I would have guessed as much. From my understanding the freeze melt cycles that have become common are what really do a number on our roads. We should have a goal of fixing potholes within 48 hours. I would like to expand the ability to report potholes via telephone and mobile app. Fixing the roads should be among the cities top priorities. If we can't trust the city to provide roads that will not put people at danger or damage their property, I don't see why we should be paying the city much at all beyond other services that keep our citizens safe.

We should increase the number of pothole teams and better organize them around the city to ensure a prompt response to the phone calls and electronic communications. We have underfunded our roads. I would agree to a proper infrastructure budget, this would be something like $20 million a year...for streets that will hold up to Des Moines traffic for decades as opposed to one or two seasons.....or the next freeze melt cycle....

It is my stance that the city should be held accountable for roads, bridges, and any other public infrastructure.

I am very much open to innovation and I will be keeping my eyes on this project. It appears to me that, if successful, it could make the roadways safer, save the city significant amount of money in the long term, as well as save the wear and tear on our vehicles.

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