Labor Day 2019

What I see going around the city this labor day is hard working people. Hard working people that deserve transparency, honesty, and integrity. I am out here speaking to people about how the city has more than enough money, that the city needs to spend it's money more intelligently and do something that resembles the budgeting that all of us that get taxes taken from us have to do.

As we speak there are people in Hong Kong waving our flag. Some of these people are fighting for the very same liberties and rights that our constitutions and bill of rights refer to. We are still fighting for these inherent rights for all of our citizens here at home. We need people at every level of governance that will stand for our inherent rights and for liberty.

Freedom leads to peaceful trade and peaceful movement of peoples. The more liberty, the less war. The more liberty, the less violence. As much as some would like to put us in camps, we are individuals that have our own ideas of how to achieve happiness. We all have the same inherent rights and we all deserve as much freedom as we can achieve.

We should encourage liberty via peaceful means everywhere that life exists. The people of the world do not want Communist Chinese rule, nor do they want Fascist American rule. The real losers in the trade war are the hardworking people. These tariffs cost the average household among us over $1000.00 a year. We do not need to keep our corporate government afloat. We can allow our fascist rulers and their crony rigged corporations to fail. The only people who need to worry are the corporate owners of the U.S., not the American people. The only thing that is going to happen to the American people if their corporate overlords go bankrupt is that we will be freed from financial tyranny and crippling debt that we did little or nothing to accrue. We can restore our Republic, this time, with liberty and justice for all.

The reality is that Denmark and the Nordic countries that some some of these mainstream politicians call “socialist” countries have more economic freedom than the United States right now. They still have very high taxes that disproportionately hurt the poor, who struggle to pay for their needs as it is. We should be seeking more economic freedom and making it so that no people struggling for basic needs pay taxes at all. Property AND sales taxes are too high in Des Moines. If we get them in check, more people that grew up here would stay here and hard working people from other areas would flock here.

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