Morning Musings

Ahhhh...morning musings. Some things that I think could be better understood. Nullification. This is when a city or state effectively nullifies state and/or federal law. It does not mean that there is not still state and/or federal prohibition in cities that have decriminalized or legalized marijuana. Soon enough scheduling will be changed. When Scott Gottlieb left his position as Commissioner of the FDA, he told the US government to get serious about regulating CBD. Now, he’s saying the feds should just legalize cannabis altogether. Good call. The crown allowing marijuana businesses to bank was a first step. It is inevitable. Earlier this week, Canberra – or the Australian Capital Territory, which functions as a state – legalized the recreational use of marijuana for inhabitants 18 years and older. The new law is supposed to come into effect at the end of January. Adult Canberrans will be able to possess 50 grams of cannabis and will be allowed to grow two marijuana plants for personal consumption.

Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided a government agency last week to execute a search warrant looking for evidence of a fentanyl drug ring. During the raid on the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, FBI agents found the fentanyl they were looking for and discovered a massive heroin and fentanyl ring being run out of the government building just a few feet from an elementary school.

This month, Senator Mike Folmer, from Pennsylvania, who was an advocate for child abuse reform—was busted distributing and possessing horrific child porn. Authorities launched their investigation into Folmer after they received a tip that he was uploading child porn to the popular website Tumblr.

The senator now faces a multitude of charges including sexual abuse of children, possession of child pornography and criminal use of a communication facility.

Impeachment. Impeachment should not be seen as a bad thing. Many politicians deserve to be impeached. Impeachment does not even mean that one is guilty of a crime. Surviving a impeachment attempt would only strengthen a president or any politician really. I would say knowing what we know now the whole Congress could be impeached simply for their role in the opioid crisis alone.

Audit the fed becomes more urgent everyday. The Fed is once again secretly shelling out trillions of dollars in the dark, while Congress willingly looks the other way. Once again this money could go towards helping humanity but rather it is going into the pockets of the friends and family and business liaisons of those that privately profit from the federal reserve.

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