Short-Term Rentals in Des Moines

I pledge to do the work to amend the law to eliminate the yearly limit on days that one can rent out one of their properties and I also wish to allow people to airbnb properties that they don't live in.

I have family in Italy and Canada where similar models have been familiar for many years now. I was thrilled to see the model catch on in our city. Currently there are over 300 Airbnbs in the metro area. In a statement provided by Airbnb, hosts brought in 25,000 visitors to Polk County and earned a combined income of $2.5 million in 2018. I am well aware that Airbnbs have brought benefits to the city, such as more and more people being willing to fix up older properties, as well as good paying work, and a plethora of desirable options for visitors from all walks.

I have worked over a decade in financial crimes and I had cases pile up everyday against traditional hotel/motels but it was rare to see a case against an air bnb owner, and rarer still to see one that did not have a satisfied customer as a result. The company and it's competitors that I am aware of handle issues that inevitably arise from time to time so much better than many hotel/motel owners do. The competition also forces those that do not have the best business practices to do better!

It is a very bad move to attempt to over-regulate this business model in our city. It appears to me a case of a group of people attempting to over-regulate something that they know little to nothing about. This rarely, if ever, ends well.

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