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I knew what I was getting into this time around. I have faced some personal attacks recently and a lot of sign theft. I would not have opted for another campaign if I could not take the heat. I am thankful that this race is non-partisan as I believe that more races should be. I believe that it is largely a waste of time to argue over party affiliation. The two larger parties have changed very much, simply in the last decade, let alone over a century. I have allies in the local, state, and federal governments and party affiliation has little to nothing to do with our alliances on specific issues.

I have never made money from politics and I do not intend to. I don't believe that politics should be a career. I have political experience. I have worked for many local, state, and federal campaigns. Starting back in high school with the campaigns of Dennis Kucinich and General Wesley Clark, both for potus. I told my friends and family that I would run once for state office, once for local office, and once for federal office as a service to my country, since I opted out of joining the military or the peace corps.

I ran for Governor because there was no primary in the party, and I believe primaries are good things, even if you like the incumbent or the other individual(s) running. Giving people multiple platforms to choose from is good. Giving people options is good. Friendly and constructive debate is good. I ran for AG, as a pre-law student, because I could get no lawyer to run against Tom Miller. Despite seeing a lot of opportunity for him to do better for the people of Iowa and having a lot of red flags, in terms of being deserving of yet another term, he had no primary opponent and no opponent whatsoever. I ran against him, simply to give him an opponent, so there would be an option on the ballot. I took the campaign seriously and won endorsements from a former governor and a former mayor. William Weld from MA, and Art Olivier from Bellflower, Ca. We were both invited to several debates, and Tom Miller told me, in my post-campaign meeting with him, that he turned down each one of the debates as a strategy. He was honest about that.

I never once said anything negative about my first opponent Jake Porter. I would say that the primary was very fair. I am proud to say that we stuck to the issues. I did not make any personal attacks against Tom Miller, but I was certainly critical of how he was handling the role of attorney general. I thought I was treated very fairly in the AG race; it was simply the fact that Tom Miller refused to participate in the debates and forums that were offered to us. There was nothing unfair about it from that standpoint, but I would say it was not ideal, and not the most ethical way to run a campaign. In this campaign for city council, I don't believe that I have said anything negative about any of my opponents. Please point it out, if you see it, or think that I have. I am campaigning on issues.

I don't have any intent rather than giving the people of Des Moines another option. I feel my judgement as to what is right and wrong and as to what direction the city could go in to improve the lives of its citizens, is sound, but those that choose to vote will be the judge of that. My favorite potus of modern times, warts and all, is JFK, my favorite Governor and Senator of modern times, is Harold Hughes. I am Roman Catholic. I was raised Roman Catholic. My favorite teacher was Deacon George Catanzano, may he rest in peace. Some of my favorite teachers that I have yet to meet are Andrew Napolitano, Thomas Sowell, and Walter E. Williams.

I am a son of immigration. My mother came on a boat to this country from her native, Modena, Italy, when she was three years old. I don't support forcing socialism or communism on others in any way, shape, or form. My grandfather Nello literally took up arms against Italian fascism. I believe in charity and I believe that people will work together much more efficiently if the federal, state, and local governments simply allow them more freedom to do so. I do believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, we have seen it happen before, and it will continue to happen proportionately to the amount that these governments allow it to happen.

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